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The right way to exercise:

health is wealth
Exercise is not only necessary for our body but also beneficial. Exercise not only gives you a new energy but also relieves you from stress and fatigue. The food, water, sleep, rest, which is necessary for our body, is necessary for our body by Hexercise.

Ways to exercise
There are two ways to exercise

1-Aerobic Exercise: This exercise involves walking, swimming, marathon running, cycling, and many more.
With which you can keep your body fit and healthy, in this you do not feel much hard work, just you have to do these exercises at a regular time.
2 -Anaerobic – In this we have to work harder, in this we have to lift weights, quicker running of short distance, penal meeting, putting flowers, etc.

How to exercise
First of all, make a rule that the time of 5-7 or 6-7 in the morning is for me to practice, on which you do not have a happy time, but to follow life time, if we talk about exercise, first of all, get up early in the morning. If there is a returned water, then use copper returned and keep the water in the returned before going to sleep at night, then drink it after waking up in the morning.

After that you walk 1 or 1.5 kilometers, you have to walk fast on foot, otherwise run lightly.
> Light-weighted exercise: You should not rest after walking and running, you have to exercise for 20-25 minutes with the same warm body, in which you can do clean exercises first.
> Take long time during exercise: Whenever you exercise, you have to take long time in, because the oxygen we take in the morning is 90% pure, in which our body gets energy. .
Drink water after exercise: When you are exercising or running, you should never forget to drink water at that time, because it hurts our stomach and we do not even walk, then there should be water always. If you can drink water after minutes, then drink cold water.

Exercise at a clean place: If possible for exercise, always choose a clean place because if there is a clean place, then our mind will be happy, the fragrance that goes from our nose to us in our place, from which place we feel happy to exercise the same place. Will be appropriate

Clothes should always be light-weighted: While exercising, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the clothes are always light-hearted, so that we do not have any difficulty in exercising, if the clothes are light, then every part of the body can be pulled completely. But you want to pull it up.

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