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Why Uttarakhand is called the Land of Gods:
Out of the 29 states of India, the 26th state is Uttarakhand which is settled in North India, which was formed after several agitations on 9 November 2000, till 2006 it was renamed Uttaranchal. In January 2007 it was renamed Uttarakhand.
In mythology, Siddha Gandharva, Yash, Races of Kinnar castes and this Races King Kuber are told. The capital of Kubera is said to be Alkapuri (above Badrinath). According to the Puranas, in the kingdom of King Kubera, the sage-muni used to meditate and meditate in the ashram. There is extensive mention of this area in the mythological texts called Kedar Khand and Manas Khand. Due to this, this area also devours Dev Bhoomi and Tapobhoomi.