Health is the greatest important key of life itself….

In order to keep the body healthy, we must first make the rules that we have to be healthy, only then we can be healthy. For this, we have to make some important rules.
1-Every day exercise has to be done:
If we talk about exercise, then the first question may come to our mind that how to exercise and how long to exercise and its time should be like an angle, because nowadays our life has become so busy that time cannot be spent for exercise. So May I tell you that if you practice in the morning, it will not only benefit you but half of your work will be done by it, if you do not know in the morning, then do it in Evening.
First of all, you will definitely have trouble in this, but of course happy days, you will get a new energy.
Exercise lightly for a few days, then increase the exercise time for 5 days, so let’s start exercising for an hour or two.


Yoga is often partially understood as being limited to asanas or poses, and its benefits are only perceived to be at the physical level. However, we fail to realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind, and breath. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling. So, if you are keen to lose weight, develop a strong and flexible body or being at peace, then yoga can help you achieve it all.


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