How can we keep our body healthy

fitness and body maintan

1> stay physically healthy

2> stay mentally healthy

To stay physically healthy, we have to pay special attention to these:

Exercise: To keep the body healthy and fit, we need exercise every day, with exercise, your body stays fit and agile.
Exercise is one that provides new energy to our body. The way from which no one can walk there without petrol, in the same way exercise is necessary to keep our body running continuously and healthy.

GYM: In today’s time, this is the easiest way to keep healthy by keeping the body healthy.
You should sing to give the body a healthy, fit and one shape, not by consuming any powder and such medicines, but by not doing it if you do not see any benefit or any change in the body, then you can use medicines and powder Start consuming. Not at all, never do this.

Running: Running does not prepare for marathon and shot running, Morning Walk and Evening Walk in running, you walk 2-3 km daily, running is very important for our body if you do office work and your work is sitting. If it happens, then it is necessary for you to give you half an hour of time and make it light.

Sports: As much as education is necessary in our life, sports is necessary in our life, to keep our parents fully fit and fit, the great benefit from our lives has a special importance, every muscle of ours play. Time works, if we play more than exercise, then we get more benefit. By playing, we put full strength in it, which makes every exercise of us.

Laughing: By laughing, you have to go to the doctor less, that is, if you keep on laughing, half of your disease is cured in the same way.
Being happy is not only beneficial for you but also gives a lot of benefit to the people around you, so we should always laugh. In the morning morning exercise, you should laugh loudly for 5 minutes every day, so that your day is not only good but it is full of freshness, and it has often been seen that people who laugh more are better healthy than those who laugh less is.

  1. Staying mentally healthy: Mental fitness is as important for us as it is physically, if we are healthy, then we have to keep our mind fit to be mentally healthy.


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