Every woman has a desire to make her face look different and beautiful, but how many treatments do she take to get “naturally glow”. I am telling you about those natural medicines, I do not know how many use, but do not use them correctly.

natural turmeric
Natural Medicines

It is a natural medicine that not only cures your face but also cures wounds and spinal cord, boils, pimples, which also relieves the lack of time. It contains vitamin A, carbohydrate and mineral elements which gives you complete benefits.

2- Aloe Vera –

Aloe Vera natural
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, although you must have been using its cream, but if you peel its leaves and apply that sticky substance on your face, then it is attractive and attractive on your face. Aloe Vera also has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, which is quite helpful in removing the pimples of your face.


Lemon natural medicine
Natural Lemon

If you all know about Lemon, then this drink full of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals gives many benefits related to health and beauty. Lemon juice which is not less than any medicine, if you apply lemon juice on your face everyday, then your facial cells will be completely destroyed, which can affect our face and body. She does it By applying lemon juice continuously for a week, the blackness, pimples, blemishes of the face disappear. It does not cause any harm, it is used by big companies in their medicines, creams, soaps, sodas and many other uses.

5-Rose water –

 Natural Rose Water
Rose Water

Rose water is a medicine that keeps you away from all the wrinkles, nails, pimples and dust in your face.
Rose water has anti-oxidant properties. Which is very beneficial for your face. It enhances your face, and removes your darkness. Rose water is a natural medicine that keeps away the blackness of your eyes.

5-Cucumber –

Natural Cucumber
Natural Cucumber

Vitamin C and Vitamin C are found in cucumber. Most of the time of the face is more in the summer season and the amount of water in the cucumber is more. Cucumber is a natural fruit which is very beneficial for both your body and face. It cools your face, and gives you relief.


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