Stay Home Save Lives

Any disease or “Virus” enters your body when you allow it to enter your body. If you maintain your body fully and keep it as tight as possible, you can safely guard yourself against such an epidemic.

Simple remedies of escape of Corona Virus

  • Drink warm water as soon as you make up in the morning so that dyspepsia food of bacteria in your stomach can fully clear up.
  • We must first be yoga or exercise at least half an hour in our homes in open rooms where oxygen is plenty.
  • If you are taking a bath, you may lukewarm the water and mix some of the Dettol.
  • Maybe you’re wearing mask at home that you can be reasonable safe.
  • Because this Virus spread more quickly to the nose and mouth.
  • Keep as much hygiene as possible around your clothes in particular to protect your body from getting Viruses all the time.
  • Wash your hands for full 1 minute before eating and after eating. Wash your hands thoroughly before you wash your face.

Special Attention to Food

  • More than half of the diseases we get from eating and drinking, eat as must of your home as you can and eat external food at least eat, soak the vegetables in lukewarm water while cooking and then don’t keep them in the open after cutting and biting them as you eat, don’t keep them open after that have cut and cut them.
  • Use spoon as much as possible while eating food should not be eaten by hand.
  • Minimize use of plastic and use newspaper more because its spread risk increases in too much from plastic, do not use plastic at all and use newspaper as much as you can.

Stay Home Save Lives


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