On an average there should be 30 to 35 liters of water in every body, so that our body can stay healthy, we should drink more water than we need to eat, water is very important to properly digest food in our stomach.
 Water maintains our body temperature, which gives us new energy. Just as water is cleaned and drunk from the filter, the kidney reaches the water in all our organs.
When should we drink water

With the beginning of the morning i.e. when you wake up then drink water first, if the water is stale then you will get more benefits from it.
Drink water after 15 minutes of eating food, and drink water just like food.
Water should be drunk after 20 minutes of exercise.
Whenever you drink water, drink water only after paying attention.
If possible, before sleeping at night, you should drink water.
Why should not drink cold water
The amount of germs in cold water is more, due to which they come into our body by drinking water and make us home to diseases. Cold water causes the most damage to our throat.
Cold water also takes longer to digest. Due to which our immune system becomes weak. The arteries of blood shrink.
Don’t drink too much hot water
Drinking too much hot water also damages our body. If you drink hot water after eating, then you change this habit because hot water can irritate us in gas, acidity.
After accessing, neither cold nor hot water should be drunk.
If you are doing hard work immediately then change this habit because at that time our body is very hot and we drink cold water and later many diseases like colds take us under its control. So we should take special care of it.


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