Health is best solution exercise

How Good Is Your Balance:

To freeze our balance we must fist stand on a foot posture .Than you to practive a little bit. The implications of the one-leg balancing test should not only interest individuals who want to know if they are at greater risk of suffering strokes. Physicians should make high-risk patients—those with a family history of cardiac ailments and/or are suffering from diseases like hypertension and diabetes—undergo this test or enlighten them on it. 

Morning Walk And Evening Walk benifit

Mrning walk is 100% energy in our body, It helps to get your blood flowing, increasing alertness first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Often, it is cooler in the morning than during the day, so if you live in a hot area, it is an ideal time to walk.  It is easier to fit a morning walk in than waiting until evening, when you are likely to get sidetracked or busy.  

Evening Walk

An evening walk can help you to get rid of the stress you go through the whole day. Many people avoid exercising and this, in turn, can invite many health problems like diabetes, blood pressure and weight gain and many more. Furthermore, staying physically inactive can hamper your quality of life and you will be unable to function properly. 


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